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BXB Electronics-PA system and conference system present outstanding performances in the globe.

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  • Emergency Incident Command System
  • Winner of Taiwan Excellence Award 2015 and iF Design Award 2016 BXB FUN microphone!
  • BXB Gets Taiwan
Excellence Award in four
Consecutive Years
  • Congratulations!BXB Microphone Unit UFO Won 2015 iF Product Design Award
  • BXB Electronics Company won the 9th National HRD InnoPrize


  BXB monthly report  
Check out the latest monthly report-February 2016!
To know more about BXB, you can't miss our monthly report!
BXB' s Strong R&D Brings Taiwan Excellence for 4 Consecutive Years
BXB Completes UFO Installation in Abhar Azad University
BXB EDC Selected by Vietnam 4th Region Audit Dept.
Audio System Value from Potential Acoustic Gain
The year-end party for 2016
Happy New Year & The Announcement for Chinese New Year
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  Total 1,180 products joined the competition in this year. Under the rigorous examination of 88 judges, BXB products were selected as the representative ones of owing excellent image and innovative value due to the great performance of novel and continuous innovation, design, quality and marketing.  
BXB' s Strong R&D Brings Taiwan Excellence for 4 Consecutive Years
The 24th Taiwan Excellence Award winners has been announced, BXB Electronics (stock number 7497) nominated three products EDC Table-top conference microphone, Digital IP-based Campus PA & Command System along with Software, all got the award!
  The SM50 STIPA meter is built from top-notch digital and analog components.  
Bedrock® SM50 STIPA Meter
The Bedrock SM50 is a full-featured acoustic measuring instrument, designed from the ground up by the development team at Embedded Acoustics-the team that invented STIPA. You will easily navigate through its functions thanks to the full-color touch screen, and retrieve your stored measurement data through USB. The device is fully compliant to all the newest standards, and has several unique features to ensure that you get the most accurate and reliable results of any STI measuring device.
  •  “During the three-day exhibition, we communicated with customers and resellers and realized they are interested in this IP-based PA system. Buttons on the main control unit are more comfortable than traditional hard key and I also feel better to press them. If text could have electronic message function or the background was changeable while broadcasting, it would be great” said Roger Liu, Director of Sunrise.
  • BXB IP-based PA system provides multi media sources to one specific classroom or groups.
  • Teachers can choose to play audio, video, photos or text to diverse teaching and exam tools.
2015 Learning & Teaching Expo
BXB and Sunrise Work Together to Open a New Era
Sunrise Trading Co., BXB’s distributor in Macao and Hong Kong, has established for 39 years. They are the provider of complete teaching PA system, and they have served hundreds of elementary schools, training centers and churches, such as Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School, St. Francis' Canossian College, and Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary in Macao. BXB and Sunrise work together to release BXB latest IP-based PA system to end-users, resellers and schools during the show. At the same time, as the exclusive distributor in Asia, BXB introduced Bedrock SM50, the speech transmission index meter, to provide a measurable meter to evaluate sound quality of teaching equipments.
  Respond to the Earthquake Early Warning (EER) system policy propelled by Central Weather Bureau and suggestion for installing the system in elementary schools, BXB Electronics expressed the importance of combining PA system with EER one by playing an campaign video.  
BXB Introduced IP based PA system at SBIR Program
Twenty county and city governments were invited by Ministry of Economic Affairs for the four days long presentation from 11th to 14th Nov. in Huashan 1914 Creative Park, which location corresponds with the innovative topic. BXB attended SBIR program conducted by Kaohsiung city government from 2012 to 2013, and put emphasis on digital wireless PA system. It can have video broadcasting and intercom in wired and wireless way, which can be applied to intelligent campus and territorial disaster prevention. The project won a highlight case of SBIR Kaohsiung, Top 10 outstanding company award and even Mayor Chu Chen personally accompanied by her team took a visit to BXB. It really gives us solid recognition and encouragement.
  Nowadays, STIPA measurement is the only one recognized standard IEC-602682-16 V.4 the research history for STI development, TNO in Netherlands and Embedded Acoustics team were the core.  
BXB Authorized General Agent in Asia, BEDROCK
In order to provide accurate Speech Transmission Index (STIPA) measurement for PA broadcasting, BXB is cooperating with Embedded Acoustics, Netherlands company, to enforce a complete for layout in Asia. BEDROCK offers a general agent for Speech Transmission Index measuring tools in Asia.
  Display your conference system deliberately!  
FCS-6300 Series Carry-On Demo Set
BXB is specialized in conference system. To show a complete conference system quickly and accurately, we select the innovative and representative FCS-6300 products for you. All products are soundly stored in a carry-on case; your professional and graceful image would surprise your customers! BXB strictly picks out the high-quality aluminum luggage with EPE buffer material and PC texture. It is also equipped with world-wide used TSA lock to provide you a safe travel.
  2014 Shows   2016 Global Exhibition of BXB Electronics Co., Ltd is announced.
BXB not only keeps innovating new products and increasing quality, but also continually embarks on promoting brand equity.
  • The features of BXB ICP control system is to combine sound with video, and integrate emergency call with security system as safety control has played a vital role on campus.
  • If students face emergencies, they can call for help by pressing video emergency call button.
  • Extending the concept of traditional PA system, ICP system can not only enforce zones video broadcasting, but go with the English listening policy.
2015 Taiwan Security Roadshow Report
2015 Taiwan Security Roadshow was grandly held in the North, Middle and South Taiwan. Topics of this year are “Ultra High Definition, Internet of Things (IoT), Intelligence,” and a seminar for “Security and Management of iCampus” was also planned to let participants understand and experience the concept of iCampus with onsite display. This is BXB' s first time to take part in the exhibition and present our latest “ICP-5000 i-Campus Video PA & Incident Command System”
BXB invited “Turkey IEP” in Istanbul
BXB Electronics Co.,Ltd. awarded Taiwan Excellence last three years in a row, this year we received on best 5 innovative products Taiwan Excellence awards from President Ma, that chosen out of 1155 competitor' s products. Therefore, BXB honorably invited Turkey Image Enhancement Project (IEP) held in Istinye Park shopping center during 4 to 6 September in Istanbul, organized by Bureau of Foreign Trade. Turkey IEP is implemented by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) under the goal of enhance the Taiwan brand awareness through the world.
  • BXB was pleased to present IP-Based Video PA and Incident Command System. It works with public address system, door security system, emergency call system, disaster warning system, discussion system and intercom system, etc.
  • The structure is built with TCP/IP protocol. Audio, video, text and images can be broadcast through 8 channels simultaneously, to single, group or all zones.
  • It provides a wider range of application, as well as the flexibility to add more equipment for integration.
InfoComm INDIA 2015
InfoComm India was grandly held during September 1st to 3rd at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre. With an eye to promote BXB' s participation in advance, in July, we made a visit to New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai to introduce BXB brand  and invite them to join this event. By means of continuous marketing activities, we wish to penetrate India with customized solutions taking into consideration the users’ feedback.
  • BXB cooperated with Litron’s distributed brands- Atlas Sound and Revolabs displaying a total solution of conference system.
  • The spot of displayed BXB FCS-6300 Conference System is super flexible-tube gooseneck microphone and new colored UFO series microphone unit.
  • Much thanks beyond what we can express during this trip! Thanks Litron’s General Manager Cong, Technical Supervisor Mr. Qiao and Mr. Zhan, Sales Manager Mr. Zhou and Mr. Yue’s information sharing. It assists BXB improving more and being stronger! We also appreciate Miss Wu, Miss Yi, and Mr. Lan’s accompanying.
BXB Attends PALM EXPO and Prairie Trip in China
After one-week visit in China, BXB holds fruitful joy back to Taiwan. Besides participating in 2015 PALM EXPO, we met some system integrators who have used BXB’s products for long and received lots of industry information and users’ requirements. After the exhibition, we were invited by our distributor in China- Litron Co., Ltd. joining their incentive tour in the prairie of Hebei Province.
  • Understanding the fact, BXB wishes to design suitable solutions to cater different segments of market by means of hearing feedback from our customers during roadshow.
  • Thanks to the roadshow, BXB met to many valued guests personally and expanded our channels in India.
  • We appreciate all visitors’ feedback as we consider it’s the key to successful research and development.  On the other hand,  it’s even motivating to know BXB brand awareness has increased greatly in these years because of all our partners’ efforts.
InfoComm Roadshow INDIA 2015
BXB exhibited at InfoComm Roadshow New Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai cities in India during July 22 th to 27th. We received more than a thousand visitors including system integrators, IT administrators, project design consultants, government engineers and university professors.
  • BXB FCS-6300 conference system was invited again to be showed in the Taiwan Excellence Building.
  • Numerous visitors came and visited to the Myanmar City Mayor accompanied UMFCCI members attracted abundant interviews of local media on the first day. Members of Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI) came on the second day, and one of the guests Mrs. Lan indicated she always requires a conference system with voting and recording function, after we introduce FCS-6316 Table-top microphone unit, she thought it was the one she required.
  • If they can have BXB’s conference system, it must be much easier and more convenient organizing the meeting.
News of Myanmar International Electrical, Electronics & Electric Power Equipment Fair
Myanmar International Electrical, Electronics & Electric Power Equipment Fair 2015 was held greatly in Myanmar Event Park (MEP) from 22nd to 25th, July. A press conference for Taiwan Excellence was broadcasted the night before the IEP exhibition mandated by Bureau of Foreign Trade and enforced by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) to promote Taiwan brands. BXB was honored to display our UFO series microphone that won the 2015 iF International Design Award. Moreover, FCS series microphone equipped with voting function and LCD panel was also showed to the audience. We are really appreciated for participants’ affection.
  • The system integrated with camera control unit BXB-C901 which will navigate the speakers during the meeting and instantly show in two screen installed in the hall.
  • BXB UFO Conference System was Applied in 2013
  • BXB FCS Applications in I-Shou University
  • EDC Application in Romania
BXB Completes UFO Installation in Abhar Azad University << Newest Installation Performances
By the effort and contribution of distributors, the installation performances of BXB’s PA system and conference system have spread around the world and the amount of installation cases is increasing constantly. What we did has positive feedbacks from numerous customers. To check out more BXB’s installation performances, please click on the link below:
Conference System
PA System
  • Press conference was swarmed with guests, and TAITRA especially invited Orlando’s mayor Teresa Jacobs and parliamentarians Mr. Samuel B. Ings, Ms. Regina Hill and Mr. Rick Singh. During the conversation, mayor showed her confirmation and admiration to Taiwan Excellence.
  • Except for being an exhibitor, BXB also played a role as the winner of Taiwan Excellence, so our products also displayed at Taiwan Excellence’s booth.
  • BXB appreciated to their recognition and wish the latest IP-based PA System can benefit the Orlando’s citizens in the near future.
BXB Emergency Call Command System Made a Great Hit in InfoComm USA 2015
InfoComm International 2015 was held greatly during the June 17 to 19 at Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, USA. Differed from Las Vegas last year, Orlando is more adjacent to Middle and South America that it provides excellent opportunities for BXB to introduce ourselves to them. BXB created a spacious and comfortable stand for visitors, putting emphasis on the conference system and the latest product, IP-based PA System. It was combined with conference system to show a complete solution of emergency call command system.
  • City Mayor Chen Chu expressed that she is grateful to see BXB’s progress with the subsidy of SBIR and expecting that we can connect PA system with Kaohsiung City’s disaster prevention system to release instant and sound disaster information.
  • We invited Mayor Chen personally experiencing our innovation- LED visible light communication (VLC)  used in Emergency Incident Command PA System and made everyone know its application on urban planning.
  • Mayor also mentioned that Kaohsiung Disaster Prevention Office and Southern Contingency Response Center are both equipped with BXB’s system. The advanced and high-effect facilities and BXB’s persistence of local invention and production really impressed her!
Kaohsiung City Mayor Chen Chu  Visited BXB!
BXB’s achievement and development got Kaohsiung City Government’s attention. On 11th May, Kaohsiung City Mayor Chu Chen, Deputy City Mayor Li-Ming Hu, Economic Development Bureau Commissioner Wen-Sheng Zeng, Institute for Information Industry, Chief Information Officer Dr. Hao-Jun Dai, Director Liang-Sen Lian, and several honored guests visited BXB.
  The "IP based PA system with audio/video intercom" operates with cat5e cable. In addition to sound transmission, video transmission is also introduced to the system.   Secutech, Taipei 2015
The 18th international exhibition and conference for Electronic Security of 2015 Secutech lasted 3 days from April 28 to April 30. The topic was the most comprehensive smart security technology supply chains and, the most popular smart application markets; it attracted 26,229 visitors from 82 countries to come and source for purchase! Of course, BXB definitely wouldn’t miss this event! We demonstrated the brand new " IP based PA system with audio/video intercom " .
  BXB R&D team dedicated to product invention and design for more than 15 years. We continuously break through into not only product technique but also brand promotion to offer clients high integration and customized system solution.   BXB Great Success of Innovative-Five Products Won 2015 Taiwan Excellence
The 23rd Taiwan Excellence Awarding Ceremony was held grandly on 22 April in Taipei International Convention Center, President Ma personnally visited and awarded Taiwanese best companies prizes. It is been a honorable to know BXB 5 products choosen from the 1155 products and awarded Taiwan Excellence.
  In fact, UFO series is the first conference system winner product of iF design award from Asia. BXB’s vice president Mr.Hung Chih Lin and marketing manager Mrs.Wu Pei Jung are participated in this ceremony and honourably received iF desing award.   BXB Innnovate Successfully-UFO Microphone Series Got  2015 iF International Design Award
iF International Design Awards Ceremony 2015 was held on 27 February at BMW Welt museum in Munich, Germany. Around 2000 awardees and guests are joined from all over the world to attend the ceremony like Oscar of international design. After receiving Taiwan Excellence Award, BXB was being splendid in iF international award. UFO series is awarded during the fierce competition, demonstrating our design strength.
  InfoComm authorities attached importance to exhibitors’ opinions and collected suggestions and experiences for future improvement. We treasured the visits of convention CEO David Labuskes, Andy, Jonathan, Terry and Betsy to our booth and let us share our developing direction in China market and our feedbacks to convention.   BXB Emergency Call and Direct System Made Its First Debut in 2015 InfoComm China
BXB had spared no effort to promote the high integration and outstanding design microphone system. Both excellent quality and creative appearance get lots of positive feedbacks. Recently also gained the confirmation of iF Design Award. In order to let visitors feel novelty and have expectations, we continuously break through not only in product technology but brand marketing to provide more creative, exquisite and user-friendly solution. This year, we first show BXB’s another main product, IP PA System, in InfoComm China and integrates with conference system to complete a whole emergency call and direct project. A novel conference and PA system overturn the public’s stereotype for normal conference room and PA system.
  • The elegantly designed FUN series microphone unit can be gathered together as blocks to increase a conference’s functionality and users’ pleasure.
  • In connection with BXB’s conference graphical control software, you can change each microphone’s number and volume randomly.
BXB shares innovations and releases new products in ISE 2015, Amsterdam
ISE 2015 took place from 10-12 February 2015, and included over 1,000 exhibitors to Amsterdam RAI location. It was our pleasure to meet old customers, other innovators and integrators during the show. Although we have to compete with numerous well-known brands, we still caught audiences’ eye due to the show of brand new  WMP-3000 PA system and FUN series with elegant design.
  • Taiwan is located on the Circum-Pacific Seismic Zone that has a high frequency of earthquakes. Based on the natural disaster, BXB cooperates with Central Weather Bureau to invent Earthquake Early Warning System mainly applied to junior high and elementary schools.
  • BXB was honored to be invited by Industrial Technology Research Institute for the Application and Discovery Pavilion of the Smart City Summit & Expo and presented our latest PA system, Campus Management Cloud System.
Smart City Summit & Expo 2015
BXB was honored to be invited by Industrial Technology Research Institute for the Application and Discovery Pavilion of the Smart City Summit & Expo and presented our latest PA system, Campus Management Cloud System. This design based on the concept of mobilized campus intelligent loT, and it integrates message transmission and management function, such as parts addressing or English listening broadcasting, emergency call, security system, and disaster prevention broadcasting. Early Earthquake Warning System, English listening broadcasting and TTS automatic reading software are more popular functions mentioned above.
  • This exhibition is the great opportunity for the BXB team.
  • BXB was also invited to have a dinner party. During the period, we exchanged experiences with various Taiwan Excellence companies and local distributers, and we were fertilized by all the precious experiences.
BXB in Vietnam EXPO
The Vietnam International Trade Expo was sponsored by Bureau of Foreign Trade, and held on 3-6 December in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During the Image Enhancement Plan(IEP)project, which is implementing by TAITRA, BXB joined in exhibition third time in Vietnam with Taiwan Excellence products of this year. The exhibition was located in Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center(SECC). BXB demonstrated the whole conference system, and demonstration, joint with the winner products of the Taiwan Excellence Award in recent two years.
  • This year, the organizer of this award uses “Eclectic” as a main idea and encourages enterprises to promote cross-border integration.
  • The selection of outstanding managers in promoting industrial innovation, escape the traditional framework has a unique excellent achievement.
  • In the future, General Manager Chao-Wen Wu will continue to uphold the glory of the "Outstanding Manager Award", through the guidance and advice of the review committee, as BXB future efforts direction and goal, and led the efforts of all staffs of BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. forward for providing the best and reliable quality products to our most valued customers.
Congratulations! General Manager Chao-Wen Wu won the 11th Southern Taiwan Outstanding Manager Award
BXB Electronics Co., Ltd. spread the good news, again! Our General Manager Chao-Wen Wu won the 11th Taiwan Outstanding Manager Award. The review procedure of this award is extremely rigorous, as becoming a professional manager Oscar award in southern Taiwan.
  • It facilitates attendees being within their reach among conference condition. Here, BXB wants to show the gratitude to TAITRA that they assist BXB having an individual showcase.
  • Visitors would grasp the idea about the total solution and system quickly.
  • Moreover, thanks TAITRA for entrusting the local public relation company on brand presentation, product cat-walk, customer introduction, which makes BXB’s promotional effect continue in Philippines market!
BXB's Products Were Penetrated into the End-users of Philippines Shopping Mall and Rotary Show
Following Systems Integration Philippines held in SMX Convention Center in August, BXB comes to Manila again participating in two events. One is the last activity of “Image Enhancement Plan (IEP) Project” executed by Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) of Bureau of Foreign Trade, Taiwan. Another one is Rotary Show held by Rotary Club International. BXB holds the halo of Taiwan Excellence to the events to make Philippines buyers and the public deeply feel the excellent quality and innovation of Taiwanese products.
Congratulations! BXB Electronics won the 9th National HRD InnoPrize!
With holding the spirit of “pursuing excellence and continuing development”, BXB accepts the challenge to enter into the rivalry of National HRD InnoPrize and is finally certified by the government. We can be proud to announce that, “BXB is so great! We won the prize!” Comparing with other prizewinners, BXB’s personnel scale is not large. However, we are hardworking on doing everything right and holding an open-minded attitude cultivating every staff. It is greatly pleasant to gain the confirmation from the government. In the future, BXB would be more confident towards each challenge because we possess the best human resource as the strongest prop letting us go ahead courageously.
BXB Obtained Silver Medal in TTQS Assessment
BXB Electronics continuously improves employee training process to help its staff enhancing their competency and also the company's training quality. BXB imported Taiwan Train Quali System in 2010, operating all training process base on preset framework-training requirements are defined by company vision and operation concept, they also cooperate with SWOT analysis to establish short, mid-term and long-term business development strategy. By assaying staff's performance and competency gap, BXB customizes core training courses for its employees. There BXB got TTQS bronze medal in 2012 and silver medal in 2013.
  Executive_Yuan_taiwan   The Executive Yuan of the TAIWAN selected the BXB conference system
Frequently, significant agendas are held such as press conferences, budgeting, and inquiry. FCS series, a full functional conference system, with totally seventy conference units were applied to the conference room. The whole system is equipped with a high-speed-dome camera, auto image tracing system, and has integrated BXB’s unique graphical control software providing multi functions such as voting and agenda setting. Dacoms, an installer of the project, was proud to announce that BXB is selected over foreign famous brands reflecting governmental action to be devoted to Taiwan by supporting their national brand.
  高雄美術館 無線導覽系統   BXB wireless guide tour brings into play in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Spokesman of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts said that before the wireless guide tour system was installed, docents needed to speak in loud overpowering voice especially in the occasion when touring numerous amounts of visitors at a time. Making their touring presentations using such loud voices, caused huge disruptions to those not in the touring groups. In contrast, since the wireless system was installed, the docents simply need to speak in normal tones into the built-in mic of the wireless tour guide system. With the wireless tour, visitors can now comfortably and clearly listen to the docents through their earphones. The BXB wireless guide tour system has not only increased the overall touring quality services for large touring visitor groups, it also has been key in creating a quiet atmosphere for non-touring patrons. Now the needs of both groups of visitors and of individuals can be met so they can fully enjoy the highest quality of literature space in Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts.
  Flash game   Game Zone
A number of interactive fun games related to BXB products are provided here. Ready to have some fun? Let's go!
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