PAB-5240 Power Amplifier (100V-240V)

  • Two channels model: 120W RMS/per channel.
  • Adaptable with 4-8 Ohm loads; suitable for small to medium sized meeting rooms.
  • Bridged mode 240W output for 70V or 100V loudspeakers (direct drive).
  • Power down after 15 minutes of no signal and comply with Energy Star Power consumption limits of < 0.5W in standby.
  • Selection for power-up mode, standby mode, and trigger mode.
  • Switch for High Pass Filter to reject the frequency below 80Hz, avoiding the damage to loudspeakers.
  • Equipped 12VDC terminal block for remote detection and control.
  • Short circuit & overheating protection without fan.
  • Optional accessory card slot for Dante receiver.

PA-5120P_Q 120W Mixer power Amplifier

  • Output:120 W(RMS).
  • 5 Groups of Speaker Selectors.
  • 8CH Mixer & Separate/ Master Volume Controls.
  • 1 Group of Base & Tremble Volume Controls.
  • Speaker Output Terminal:100V, 70V, 8Ω.
  • Multi-Groups of LED Volume Indicators.

PA-5120P2 240W Mixer Amplifier

  • Rated Output: RMS 250W.
  • Speaker Output: 4Ω-16Ω/70V/100V.
  • Automatic temperature control to activate the cooling fan.
  • Recording Output: 2 sets.
  • 5 zones +1 ALL CALL switch. 6 sets of circuit selection buttons.
  • Signal Input: MIC x 4 sets, AUX x 4 sets, and 8 sets of individual volume control buttons.
  • Equipped with 2 sets of MIC priority buttons for setting broadcasting priority.
  • 1 set of EQ IN/EQ OUT port (able to connect with professional mixers or digital sound processors).
  • Built in with double electronic protection circuit and LED indicator for short circuit and overloading protection.

PAB-5400 400W Power Amplifier

  • Output: RMS 400W
  • Speaker Output: 4~16Ω/70V/100V
  • Trigger contact to auto-activate the power
  • Temperature control by auto-operating cooling fan
  • Built-in electronic-protection circuit, short-circuit and overloading protection signal light
  • Adjustable volume control output and double volume output LED indicator