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  BXB’s distributor Univeso integrates FCS-6300 Conference System with Lumens' lecture capture system and PTZ camera, providing customer a sound conferencing solution with simple-outlook microphones, stable sound quality, and the AV meeting recording function.  
FCS-6300 Conference System is selected for State Administrative Training Institute, Bhopal, India<< For more details.
BXB always innovates, designs, and develops products based on users’ demands to ensure users being able to concentrate on every meeting and discussion as well as achieving an efficient and comfortable meeting. This month, BXB would like to share a FCS-6300 installation case finished in May. This organization is located in Bhopal, the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. State Administrative Training Institute is an Indian Government Organization imparting training to all the Bureaucrats and Government Officers to develop their skills from time to time to improve their Managerial efficiency.

  FUN Conference Microphone is suitable for being used in the commanding center in Hsinchu City Fire Department. FUN not only got 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award, but received the 2016 iF Design Award and G-mark Award as well.  
FUN Conference Microphone Installation- Hsinchu City Fire Department, Taiwan<< For more details.
Since the establishment in 1996, Hsinchu City Fire Department has devoted itself to the three main missions:“fire prevention”, “people rescue from disasters”, and “emergency commanding”. It has a very extensive network of fire departments and sound commanding centers for different levels of disasters. As any disasters occur, it’s responsible for the communication between each related sector, the instant reaction to the disasters, and momentary control of the situations.

  Besides simple outlook and user-friendly operation, the installation of FCS-3000 is also time-saving and easy.  
FCS-3000 Installation at Mari Petroleum Company, Pakistan<< For more details.
This month, BXB would like to share one FCS-3000 installation case at Mari Petroleum Company (MPCL) in Islamabad, Pakistan. MPCL is a large-scale international company of petroleum exploitation and production. Its aim is to make breakthrough on applying the newest techniques, knowledge, and competitive industrial practices for making high output value and income.

  AT Empire technical team choose EDC-1000 series one main control unit EDC-1051, 2 chairman EDC-1011, 36 delegates EDC-1012 for this solution.  
TSAGMR Solution with EDC-1000 Series, Kyrgyz Republic<< For more details.
Counting time since May 2010, BXB has been publishing “Monthly e-newsletter” the purpose of providing the latest trend of products, technical knowledge, successful case studies and international exhibition news. Every month sharing those information with the customer was great experience. This time we would like to share our first installation news from Kyrgyz Republic.

  FUN Conference Microphone has been certified with iF Design Award, Good Design Award (G-mark), and Taiwan Excellence Award.  
Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Enterprises Co. Selected BXB’s FUN Conference Microphone<< For more details.
Shenzhen OCT holds a greatly high standard on conference system’s outlook, quality, and sound. At the beginning, users chose the microphones of a famous European brand. However, BXB’s China distributor- Beijing Litron Ltd. recommended BXB’s highly praised FUN microphone. Especially its sound quality and the accuracy of voice activation, they feel deeply impressed. It’s the honor that BXB rises above other imported brands and is successfully applied on this project.

  The total solution includes UFO-2050 main control unit, UFO-2011 one chairman, UFO-2012 twenty four delegates all connected through Cat5E cables and BXB-C901 camera control unit for camera tracking. The project completed with CNB PTZ cameras, Edirol speakers and Alto sound mixer.  
UFO-2000 Series Placed in Veterans Research Site, Iran<< For more details.
BXB’s long term partner PTO offered the reliable UFO-2000 conference system to this organization. PTO’s previous experience of this system great functionality has been proven many times in different projects nationwide.

  BXB UFO-2100 conference system provides various modes built-in. User can have 1-30 delegate units randomly choose Normal, Chairman, Override and FIFO mode simultaneously.  
UFO-2100 Conference System Installation- Sinotrans & CSC Headquarters<< For more details.
Sinotrans & CSC have high requirements for the quality and appearance of equipment, and are also demanding of sound quality. BXB is honored to be selected among numerous brands and are successfully installed in the office building. The project is designed and planned by BXB’s sole distributor in China, Beijing Litron Ltd. They chose UFO-2100 flush-mounted conference microphone, featured simple aluminum panel, which saves the maximum available space for attendees and makes table look neat and equipments more endurable.

  It adopts universal available CAT5e cable, a high-level technology of conference system, which provides excellent and clear sound quality that makes participants have great meeting experiences.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- Taichung Home Economics and Commercial High School<< For more details.
BXB is honored to have FCS-6350 installed in the International Conference Hall accommodating 216 seats, which is a considerable conference hall among high schools.

   The design concept of FUN microphone comes from equivalent sides of a square, which signifies everyone carries out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart.  
FUN Conference Microphone Installation at National Taipei University of Education << For more details.
National Taipei University of Education was established in 1895 with its original name Zhishanyan School. In 2005, it was upgraded to the present title. The 117-year history has accumulated more than 100 thousands alumni around the world. They perform excellence on education, history, art, politics and law, and finance. The BXB products installed in National Taipei University of Education include FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit, FUN-6313 Table-top Chairman Unit, and 26 sets of FUN-6314 Table-top Delegate Units. FUN microphone has certified not only by 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award and iF Design Award, but won G-mark Design Award this year.

  EDC-1051 main control unit is featured with 3 chain outputs for parallel connection. It supports up to 256 units with extension power supply.  
Bonyad Shahid Adds EDC-1000 Series, Iran << For more details.
The second meeting room of Bonyad Shahid, the Government Institution of Iran, is equipped with BXB conference system EDC-1000 series. Previously we had installed UFO-2000 conference system, but this time, EDC series with 1 chairman, 28 delegates table-top microphone have been added with image tracking function. This conference room is located in Science Center which is an academical center under the control of Bonyad Shahid.

  Besides voting, BXB’s graphical control software is equipped with various functions. It can be connected with conference main control unit; the data is synchronized.  
FCS-6100 Conference System Installation at Maritime Safety Administration of Jiangsu Province, China << For more details.
This month the installation project is carried out at Maritime Safety Administration of Yancheng City in Jiangsu Province, China. It's constructed with 8 internal organizations responsible for supervising and managing the order of city’s navigation order, implementing the policy of marine safety, and examining  ship supplies and water-based facilities, which can be an important section of city’s marine. This case is designed and arranged by BXB’s distributor of China- Beijing Litron Ltd. It’s honorable for BXB to be certified by Maritime Safety Administration. There’re two sets of BXB’s FCS-6100 conference system installed.

  The second meeting room is installed with FCS series table-top conference microphone unit with voting buttons. There is a LCD monitor on each unit, which shows the operation modes and other settings of meeting.  
UFO and FCS Conference System at People’s Court in Liaoning Province, China << For more details.
The installation project in China for this month is carried out at People’s Court of Faku County in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (hereinafter referred as county court). It’s established on 20th February, 1949, which has 21 internal organizations. With the leading of county party committee, supervision of National People’s Congress, support of the government, and the instruction of superior court, the county court implements scientific development in full, performances justice ability completely, penalizes criminals strictly, regulates various benefits based on the law, and protects the right of people. For many years, it has valued as “the best court of the province”, “the excellent court of Shenyang City’s court system”, and “national’s best court”.

  FCS-6350 Main Control Unit can operate many conferencing modes including chairman, override, FIFO, normal, voice-activation, and auto-off.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation at Ministry of Civil Service, Taiwan << For more details.
This project is arranged by the Manager Wang of Each Audio-visual System Co., Ltd. The company has specialized with conferencing, audio-visual, and acoustic system for more than 20 years.  International meeting halls, lecture halls, addressable broadcasting, and safety & control are all the businesses they involve with. This time, they chose BXB’s FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit and FCS-6315 Table-top Chairman Unit, and 53 sets of FCS-6316 Table-top Delegate Units. These products are all certified by Taiwan Excellence Award.

  Table-top FCS-3015/12 microphones main features are built-in 2.5 inches high-fi loudspeaker and electrets condenser stem microphone, providing fixed/pluggable gooseneck microphone for easier installation and maintenance.  
Agricultural State Enterprises Installed FCS-3000 Series, Turkey<< For more details.
BXB’s dealer Sekan Elektronik installed FCS-3000 conference system in Agricultural State Enterprises (TIGEM) conference hall in Ankara city. The project included table-top 1 chairman and 24 delegate microphones, graphical control software, camera control unit with 2 SD camera for image tracking, and main control unit.

  UFO microphone is equipped with DSP chip which is able to adjust the AGC and sensitivity as well as avoid sound explosion.  
FCS-6300 Installation at Intermediate People's Court of Ordos City, Inner Mongolia << For more details.
This project is designed by BXB’s distributor in China- Beijing Litron Ltd (Litron). Litron, established in 2004, is the distributor and system integration consultant of AV products. Their enterprise slogan is“Unlimited Power to Achieve Excellence”. With the leadership and reputation of General Manager Cong and the accumulation of his managing experiences, Litron is always in the lead of AV integration industry in China! The chosen conference system of this project is BXB’s UFO microphones of FCS-6300 series, which won iF Design Award. UFO has innovative and high-recognized outlook; the circle-shaped base symbolizes harmony and satisfaction of a meeting.

  EDC conference system applies Y-type parallel connection. If anyone of unit is broken or damaged, the unit can be taken off directly without affecting others. EDC-1051 Digital Main Control Unit is built-in with auto-detecting mechanism when it’s turned on.  
EDC-1000 Conference System Installed in Vietnam << For more details.
The installation place of this project in Vietnam is confidential; therefore, we would share the brief description and result about this case to you. The meeting room is equipped with 15 seats. The customer chose BXB’s EDC table-top microphones, possessing the feature of built-in high quality speaker, which saves the extra cost for amplifier and speakers. When the microphone is on, the unit’s speaker would be off automatically to avoid sound feedback. Moreover, the delegate microphone can be set auto-off if it doesn’t receive any sound source within 30-45 seconds. All the features offer attendees an excellent meeting environment with great sound quality.

  The simple outlook of UFO microphone unit is catching on to our customers. The speaking button is hidden in the circle-shaped and stream-lined outlook.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation-Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan << For more details.
This time, BXB’s products are installed at 617 meeting room of Central Weather Bureau, including FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit, UFO-6311 Table-top Chairman Unit, and 43 sets of UFO-6312 Table-top Delegate Units. FCS-6350 is a multi-functional control unit which applies creative ideas. The unit is equipped with TCP/IP protocol control; users can easily auto-control the meeting by BXB’s control software via wired/wireless internet.

  UFO-2050 main control unit is equipped with four RJ-45 ports for Cat5E cable connection, 4x20 digit LCD for showing conference setting configuration, RS-232 interface for integration with BXB graphical control software.  
Ferghana-Azot Equipped with UFO-2000 Series, Uzbekistan << For more details.
Ferghana-Azot meeting room selected BXB UFO-2000 series conference system in the white themed design. The setup includes 1 chairman, 14 delegates, graphical control software, full HD HDC-712 PTZ camera and C901 camera control unit for image tracking. BXB C901 camera control unit ,awarded Taiwan Excellence, can control maximum 4 SD or HD cameras.

  FCS-6350 Digital Control Unit is equipped with a large LCD monitor with Chinese and English display, which clearly shows various meeting statuses.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation-Tainan City Council << For more details.
BXB is honored to provide services for Tainan City Council. There’re the total of 7 places installed BXB’s FCS-6300 Conference System, which is the highest level among BXB’s conference series. Both control unit and microphone units are awarded Taiwan Excellence Award and iF Design Award, bringing out the best in each other.

  EDC Conference System is designed to avoid the electromagnetic wave of 3G and 4G cell phone that ensures the meeting quality. It also offers Normal, Chairman, Override, and Auto-off operation modes for users’ requirements.  
EDC Conference System Installation in Quảng Ninh Province, Vietnam << For more details.
This project is directed by BXB’s dealer in Vietnam- HPEC. One meeting center in Quảng Ninh Province is installed 21 units of EDC table-top microphone. The back-lighted speaking button can turn the text description into transparent image. Each unit is equipped with AUX output plug which makes users connect earphone or recording equipment for meeting note. Regarding the sound output, this project uses PA-5120PQ 120W Amplifier and AWS-6502 Two-way All-weather Waterproof Speaker.

  Besides easy operation, FCS-3000 is also easy to install. Each microphone unit is equipped with 2 sets of RJ45 port.  
FCS-3000 Series Installation in Habib University, Pakistan << For more details.
Following the last installation news of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL), this month we present one more project in Pakistan- Habib University. In 2014, Habib University was established as a non-profit in Karachi, the southern city in Pakistan. The university offers undergraduate degree’s in social sciences, history, philosophy, and anthropology. It has many advantages including being located in Pakistan’s most prosperous city and besides Karachi Port. Habib University aims to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum, and to cultivate high-morality and critically-conscious students who can positively influence their society.

  Table top UFO microphone was the iF design award winner in 2015, depending on customer request, we are offering 25 different colors combination.  
Shiraz University Installed BXB’s UFO-2000 Series, Iran << For more details.
Currently, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences and Health Services is one of the largest and most reliable universities in Iran and the Middle East. It’s our pleasure to be part of this high educational organization in Middle East. It is installed with BXB’s conference series UFO-2050 main control unit with software, 1 chairman and 56 delegates along with camera tracking system. The main control unit adapted four RJ-45 ports for daisy chain connection, running with Cat5E cable. The RS-232 interface is integrated with BXB graphical control software.

  Furthermore, each FCS-6321/6322 conference microphone is equipped with DSP chip, which is able to adjust the AGC and sensitivity.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- International Conference Hall of Cheng Shiu University << For more details.
BXB's FCS-6300 series flush-mounted microphone is installed in International Conference Hall of 12F Multi-Purpose Building, which offers users more spaces of table use. The circuit of FCS-6350 main control unit is digital and is applied commonly-used CAT5e cables.

  UFO-2000 series main features are running with Cat5E cable for RJ-45 four ports, LCD screen on the main controller shows conference setting configuration, RS-232 interface integrates with BXB graphical control software, and auto test function can identify connection drop in order to take necessary action to ensure meeting smoothly held. Main control unit has built in sound-emission circuit to prevent echo and noise, adjustable for mic auto-off function from 10 to 99 seconds. Graphical control software adapted 14 different languages, all meeting minutes can be recorded in MP3 format.  
BXB’s UFO-2000 Series Selected by University of Petra, Jordan << For more details.
University authority's main request was the best sound quality, easy operation, camera tracking, and more importantly installable to the chair. Based on customer requirement, BXB offered armchair and flush-mounted microphone for the auditorium choice. This project included UFO-2050 main control unit, UFO-2070 control software with 1 chairman and 23 flush-mounted delegates. It’s integrated with Panasonic and d&b speakers, and Sony camera.

  Furthermore, to ease conference management, FFBL chose to use FCS-6370 graphical control software. It can edit the meeting agenda, attendee’s data, voting issues in advance.  The parameter of audio-output can also be managed individually to make the sound more suitable and beautiful. Via multi-screen display function, different images/videos can be shown at the same time.  
FCS-6300 Series Installation in Fauji Group, Pakistan << For more details.
To realize an efficient conference environment, FFBL chose BXB FCS-6300 conference system with flush-mounted microphones. The microphones are equipped with DSP chip, which can adjust the audio output and sensitivity automatically. Five kinds of sound fields can be adequately applied based on the space of conference rooms. The design of flush-mounted mode is simple and elegant. It can be totally mixed with the conference table. All cables are hidden under the table to keep the table clean and provide more space for attendees. Moreover, we use commonly-used CAT5E cable to facilitate the maintenance and extend the life time of system.

  Regarding the outlook of UFO microphone, its texture and stream-line design is certified by iF Design Award. Its highly-identified appearance and hidden speaking button makes the design innovative. It also has 25 colors of combination for the metal outlook, which can be adapted with different meeting decorations. Microphone is not just microphone; it can be one part of art in a meeting space.  
Agricultural Bank of China Installed FCS-6300 Conference System << For more details.
BXB's UFO table-top microphone of FCS-6300 series is chosen for this project. It applies commonly-used Cat-5e cable, which is easily attained and cost-saving. Each conference microphone is equipped with DSP chip that is able to adjust the AGC and sensitivity as well as avoid sound explosion. The microphone can also prevent the interference of 3G/4G signal and radio wave.

  Besides, to consider about the flexibility and adaptability of system integration, in this case BXB’s FCS-6300 conference system also combines with audio matrix and acoustic and lighting system to generate a perfect performance of audio and video effects.  
FCS-6300 Conference System Installation-Science Research Building of Aviation Industry Corporation of China << For more details.
BXB’s conference system is mainly used for various meeting rooms, training rooms, and artistic and cultural activities of AVIC. This project applies BXB’s FCS-6300 series- UFO table-top microphone and FCS flush-mounted microphone. The bright outlook of UFO microphone gains iF Design Award’s recognition.

  Current project solution included FCS-6350 main control unit with graphical control software, FCS-6315 three table-top chairman units, 23 pieces of FCS-6322 flush-mounted delegate units along with 70cm double gooseneck. Main control unit developed TCP/IP technology for control software and cat5e cable for easy installation that matched the customer’s main requirement.  
District Court in Wroclaw Equipped with FCS-6300, Poland << For more details.
Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland, it’s divided into 48 districts, today we would like to share one of the District Court installation of BXB’s latest conference system “FCS 6300 series”. District Court in Wroclaw, started organizing 7 district courts since 1945, currently there are 11 departments of jurisprudence, 6 branches of judicial administration.

  UFO-2000 series main features are RJ-45 four ports for cat5e cabling daisy connection, 4x20 digit LCD screen for configuration, auto scan and test function, RS-232 interface for graphical control software, built-in sound emission circuit to prevent echo and noise.  
Tehran Education Organization Equipped UFO-2000 << For more details.
Pezhvak Taban Ofogh Executive team installed iF International design award UFO-2000 series conference system for Shahid Montazeri Campsite in Shahriar, which expanded BXB’s performance to one more educational organization application in Middle East. It’s located in Shahriar city in Iran, providing diversified facilities for students from all over the country, such as: sport competitions, cultural activities, meetings and educational activities.

  Choosing BXB’s FCS-6300 conference system can satisfy all needs of this project.  
FCS-6350 Conference System Installation in Tainan District Court, Taiwan << For more details.
Tainan District Court was established in 1991, Japanese-Occupied Period, it has long history. Therefore the previous president of the court Mr. Chen Ken-Min and the previous president of Tainan High Court Mr. Li Chi-Ching cooperated with Tainan City Government and Taiwan Provincial Government finding a new location and arranging the construction. Since 1995, the budget planning had been carried out annually.

  “We choose BXB for this project due to BXB product has stable quality and good support for us through their distributor - MPK in Vietnam. However, UFO has nice looking and good price that meet our customer requirements for premium installation in a Five Star Resort” said Mr. Dat.  
UFO Selected by Vinh Thinh Resort, Vietnam << For more details.
In recent installation of its meeting room, BXB UFO-2000 conference table-top microphone was shortlisted. UFO series applies elegant and innovative design with hidden talk button, LED indicator and cable connector, giving a great look on the meeting table. For cabling, it works with worldwide-used CAT-5e cable, easy to get and install. When the system is on, its auto scan and test function can detect if all the microphones are connected and functioning correctly, to ensure participants a smooth going meeting. Apart from UFO conference system, in order to provide the most comfortable and pleasant meeting environment Ecler PA system, Craaft Audio for Cinema, Chauvet lighting equipment for Banquet room are also integrated in this project.

  BXB Graphical control software FCS-3071 allows to display different information to multiple screens simultaneously and record meeting minutes in MP3 format.  
UFO-2000 Series Equipped in Bonyad Shahid, Tehran << For more details.
BXB conference provides wide range of solution on different size of meeting rooms with best sound quality. As a manufacturer, providing reliable products and services is our core of the business. This time we would like to share UFO-2000 series installation in Iran, Bonyad Shahid, the government institution that provides facilities to the people who lost their family members during the Iran and Iraq war. Organization established in 1358, dealing with war issues legally and financially.

  EDC conference series extendable to 10 chairman and 255 delegates for customer choice in the future, and elegant design of built in speaker table-top microphone greatly matched customer’s need.  
Press-Center Keruen Equipped with EDC Series, Kazakhstan << For more details.
BXB designs conference system based on our premium experience and customers requirement. Currently, we are providing EDC-1000, UFO-2000 and FCS-6300 series with different variety of microphones and functions. As international market department, when BXB products installed in new territory, it’s a pleasant news to share with all of our customers.

  EDC series will not be interfered by mobile phone. This indicator will help attendees run meeting without distracting sound due to their mobile incoming call.  
Thonburi University Installed EDC Series, Thailand << For more details.
Thonburi University’s meeting room has been equipped with BXB’s EDC series along with control unit, 1 chairman and 60 delegates. EDC series excellent performance, high reliability, easy installation and competitive price got approved by customer selection. Every table top microphone has built-in speaker for ensure high sound quality, and auto test function helps installation more smooth and fast for each microphone examination.
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